WoodPoint Investment Letter – Q1 2020

Correction or recession? Market volatility reminds investors to understand risk In our last investment letter, we examined the macro environment moving into 2020 and discussed key factors that investors should consider in a changing business cycle. We also debated the likelihood of a global recession in the wake of an uninverted yield curve and the outlook for various asset classes.
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Investment Letter – 2020

The recession debate A recession occurs on average every seven years. But in the US, the bull market is roaring into its 11th consecutive year. Are we overdue for a downtown, or can the bull market continue its momentum? In this investment letter, we examine the current macro environment and discuss key factors that investors should consider in a changing
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WoodPoint Capital: Investing in the ‘silver economy’

America’s population is ageing. Improvements in medicine, nutrition and lifestyle mean that people are living longer than ever before. Governments might regard this as a problem, but many investors are realising the opportunity. Our real estate ethos is to focus on operational real estate – investments which are asset-backed and underpinned by operating businesses which can drive earnings growth and
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Howard Marks: “Mastering The Market Cycle”

Well I'm a kid from Queens and I went to the public schools in Queens. As odd as it may seem. My education school education included accounting and I like the accounting my dad was an accountant so I figured I'd be an accountant then I went off to Wharton to take a degree in accounting. But when I got
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